About us

We are a group of professionals, and have spent the last couple of years, researching about the world's most valuable brands grow by telling stories that people love.
  • At Blayoo, we're building a better content world.
  • A world where all content is awesome.
  • A world where marketing is helpful and has a soul.
  • A world where creators are empowered to do meaningful work.
  • A world where important stories get told.

We want to empower the world with most ambitious content creation through our powerful content creation & monetisation with world-class freelance network gives the these brands everything they need to create content that delights their audience, builds deep relationships, and drives results. We’re headquartered in Singapore.

We offer bespoke technology, a 24-7 client care service with dedicated account managers and a wide range of content monetisation and payment options. Cause we know your business deserves nothing less.

At Blayoo, we take pride in partnering with you to help your business bloom.

Let's evolve together!